M.O.E. and HouDoo are two animation softwares created and developed
by Anaël Seghezzi in house at Les films du poisson rouge.

M.O.E. is a in-house expressive renderer.
HouDoo is a in-house 2D animation software.
Both softwares are completely complementary, upgraded constantly in regard to the studios creations and productions.


A graphic process on dedicated area with brush and textures

With the help of dedicated and customised brushes and textures M.O.E. allows an automatisation of complexe graphic treatment on animated defined areas from 2D, 3D animation or live action sources. Those brushes and patterns are able to follow the animation of the animated shapes.
This automatic process is determined together with the Artistic Director as part of the graphic researchs, according to the different possibilities of wished graphic treatment : pastels, watercolour, gouache painting , irregular or ink effect outline…

A real gain of productivity

With M.O.E., the task of the animators becomes really simplified on the management of outlines for example.
M.O.E. offers also to the painters a wide range of tuning allowing to add different criteria like types of brushes, lengths or width, strokes for a homogenic and fine art rendering.
The gains of time for rendering are also grandly improved while using M.O.E. : for a simple render of an HD pictures, the rendering time process is around 10 seconds by frame against 10 minutes with a frame manually rendered.

M.O.E. was used in production for the fisrt time on the short movie “Reflexion” by Yoshimichi Tamura.
Fabrice Senia, producer for Planktoon, reports the experience on the art of the film.

“This short movie had to combine the best of traditional 2D animation (sensibility, expression, graphism, among others) and the benefits of CGI technology (fluidness, flexibility) without the misadvantages of both of them of course. Under this consideration, the movie was already a challenge as on artistic and production levels. We produced the movie using a classical CGI pipe-line, on which was added a 2D gouache painting rendering.
M.O.E. was above our expectations, not only because of its artistic value but also because of its flexibility. The movie is a successful gamble largely due to this technology”

A 2D animation software

HouDoo generates automatically in-betweens frames from drawed key poses, in order to ensure stability and fluidness of animation.
The soft assists these steps of production normally hand-drawn. HouDoo records also all characteristics of the drawing (thickness of the outline, texture and color) from image A to reproduce it on image B. This operation allows to transfer all characteristics from one frame to another frame in the same operation as the creation as the inbetween.
The gain of time is on average of 1 for 4 compared with hand-drawn animation.

M.O.E. and HouDoo are already used in production :

Long features :

“The red turtle” by Michael Dudok de Wit  (2016) : animation and rendering of SFX

“Klaus” by Sergio Pablos (in production) : final rendering of the whole animation of the movie

Short movies :

“Mon home (poulpe)” by Stéphanie Cadoret (2016) : animation and rendering. Selectedfor best short animation film Cesars 2018

“Tulkou” (2014) by Sami Guellai and Mohamed Fadera : animation and rendering. Prix qualité du CNC

“Reflexion” (2012) by Yoshimichi Tamura : rendering by M.O.E. Best of show award winner Siggraph 2012

In preparation :

“Mickey Rourke, a boxer in the dark”  (RnB! Production) : animation and rendering of animated sequences directed by Enki Bilal

Pilots and projects :

Les Films du Poisson Rouge are also consulted on following teasers, pilots of projects where M.O.E. and Hou.Doo were used: “Canaan” by Jan Bultel (Tondo Films), « Petit Aigle » (Les Petites Lumières), “The repentant” by Jean—Pierre Quenet (Dreamscape Movie et Movie Ventures), “Un homme est mort” (Les Armateurs) or “Furcy” by Serge Ellisalde (TikTak Prod)…