Les Films du Poisson Rouge are located in Angoulême.
The production offices and facilities are fully equipped and are able to host up
until 60 collaborators simultaneously covering all stages of creation of a film.

Les films du Poisson Rouge is as a production company as a creative studio specialized in 2d and 3d animation.
We produce or coproduce feature films, short films, TV series.


CATHERINE ESTÈVES - General Manager and Producer

Scientist, she chooses very early to work for cinema. From music and sound technician to post production line producer, she piles up experiences and contacts.  After taking lessons in the french animation school   the « Gobelins » in Paris, she finally returns at her first love, the animation movies. She adds the line production of many series in animation and works too as assistant director for her friends. Since 2001, recently earned her master degree in international business administration , she manages some companies like « Terra Sonica » and « Du son à l’image ». In 2005, she manages Welldone Films, company created by some EX- Disney French office artists.

Then she manages as executive director the production of two feature movies : «  Franklin and the secret of the turtle lake » produced by Alphanim and Nelvana, and « Igor » produced by Exodus films group.

In 2008 she leaves Welldone Films and creates her own company “ Les films du poisson rouge” – “ goldfish movies” in English, with Philippe Touzery and Olivier Besson.


Phillipe Touzery - Producer

After studies in a business school, he works as production manager for VFX, CGI and branding sequences production for the companies  Sparx*, Gaïa or  View. He meets then Catherine Estéves at the CFT Gobelins where he follows the production training program. In 2006, he becomes TV producer for  « Ostra Delta » and « So What Now », piling up contacts  in televisions for kids projects. He joins the Turner group in 2008  where he manages the Production department of Creative services for  France and English speaking African territories and also creates  « Les films du poisson rouge » with Catherine ESTEVES and Olivier BESSON. Since 2017, his activity is entirely devoted to “Les films du Poisson rouge” !

Olivier Besson - Artistic Director

He begins his professional life as layout man and background painter for many series in animation before to become integrated in the company Walt Disney France. He becomes background painter before to take the responsibility of  6 feature movies as background director between 1993 and 2003.

In 2004, he works as artistic director on 2 feature movies «  Franklin and the turtle lake » and «  Igor ». He works then with Catherine Estèves  at the development of projects  for  «  Aardman »,«  Alphanim », « Oui-do entertainment », « Image-in »…


Anaël Seghezzi - Software Developper

Genius software developper, is graduated from ENJMIN, Game and interactive design school in Angouleme. During his studies, he produces with other students Le Jardin de Mirabelle, an edutainment game, Imagina awarded in 2006. Anaël joins Les films du Poisson Rouge in 2010, he mobilizes his skill of software developper and his artistic talent to develop and upgrade M.O.E. (in-house expressive renderer) and Houdoo (in-house 2d animation software). He follows since all the projects of the studio involved with the new tools.


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The studio is downtown Angoulême

37 Rue Louis Desbrandes
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